life ft. ben julius x Tr3Y (prod. J Dilla)

from by Grosser



ben julius

i cannot print another carbon copy
i took a dive off the dock before they caught me, i been
waist deep on some other shit too
so if you say that i’m the illest you must’ve just caught the flu
and the bus stops to drop a new edition of the shit I been spittin, i’m awful cool
but i shouldn’t have forgotten it’d have never been a problem
if you couldn’t have been so solid, if you wouldn’t have told the truth
if you wouldn’t have been so rude, nah
i’m coming from another dimension, the intervention
the restitution of the truth something new
and i’d have run for miles if you could train to be blue
and i’d have never learned what they taught at the school
you could not imagine to lose one, at the spot that you boost from
when the kids that you knew took to the house with the loot
mix the ginger ale with the juice
then make it sound a little different it’s a distortion of the view
have you ever felt what happens when you lost it?
i topspin objects, and i celebrate with the prophets
but stop it, i’m a ray of light, you could say that i’m spot-lit
but that’s a different topic, i got a million points of view

heat keeps burning don’t go outside, heat keeps burning don’t go outside
heat keeps burning, burning, burning
heat keeps burning don’t go outside, heat keeps burning don’t go outside
heat keeps burning, don’t go outside…


say they suggest that it’s time for me to let ‘em in
disclosing all my secrets like an interview with letterman
they tell their friends they understand feelings, had content, nonsense
how simple is the progress?
i don’t know i just hide behind on open door, in the crevice
where no one else sees me, seems easy but fuck it
have you ever seen what happens from this nonsense?
i mean, do you know what happens when you lost it?
don’t be fucking silly i don’t ask it willy nilly shits enough to kill me
but only if im feeling willing, like you ever had fucking calls to your phone
from a person you ain’t know asking if you home alone and if you was aight
and if you need advice, like fuck it this my life, hang up and neck the sky
in detectible awareness, split mixed i’m fixed on the motherfucking hairless
lay witness and blare this, got some incredible handprints
he ran this, damn then, you coulda seen me in my horoscope
introducing four of those, made up intellect, i disrespect
thinking on a spectrum, makes sense when you hold the brain for ransom
body asking for the loot, holding cuts in your shoes
feet was raw and marked up
since nails was dogs and barked up
looks like it’s time to spark up
blow out, exhale, marking up dust, thoughts is something i don’t trust
only cause i can’t let me rant, makes sense if i pant
that’s the fucking plan: use strategies
they mad at me for skipping on audacity and classes preaching blasphemy
my gas is free, actually, critics be surrounding me
gotta fake it till the day up, hit me and i say stuff
in and out of strange gloves
biting out my cage son, homies know i’m day one

heat keeps burning don’t go outside, heat keeps burning don’t go outside
heat keeps burning don’t go outside, heat keeps burning don’t go outside
heat keeps burning, burning, burning


roll me up a blunt just to relieve the stress
when everybody a rapper but you still feel like you the best
and if you don’t come correct you could get checked like a test
i put a gun to your breast and remove flesh
i tell them that i’m a mess as i pass the blunt to the left
hand rush to your neck, i hope you can hold your breath
i’m the only atheist that’s still preaching
it’s hard living life when you feel like you are a demon
and it’s time for a feeding, the pain inside you is pleasing
but dog i’m sick as diseases, i been this way since a fetus
i ain’t scared to die but be damned if my mama grieving
and i turn into a monster when i enter some arenas
this the tale of a kid who ain’t never have a lot
people tell me i’m a caged lion with a padded lock
class clown my whole life behind the mic is when that laughter stops
and boy i’m on your top three, i better not have no average spot
oh my god somebody tell me what is happening
everybody want to be black but scared to be african
it’s damaging when i randomly start rambling
all of this insanity
don’t mind me, i just got mad again


from calm as things better not to tell, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Grosser New Orleans, Louisiana

metro boomin want some moar

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