Split EP

by Grosser

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released March 18, 2015

written, recorded, mixed, mastered by AMG
album art by Erica Lipoff



all rights reserved


Grosser New Orleans, Louisiana

metro boomin want some moar

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Track Name: [ part I ] Free (prod. Rhakim Ali)
I'm just tryna be free..

This the real deal path that I travel
If you pull enough times strings gon' unravel
Fall down face plant on the fucking gravel
Just steps from the castle
You best be good at swimming cause they gonna strip you of your paddle
Got me beefing like some cattle
Never fragile in the battle
Spitting puzzles with my babble
Playing scrabble in Seattle
but –
I don’t like to front, when I'm tripping on some real
Got a homie in the room with me, sensing it ain't chill
If they wanna hear it, well then shit I want to play it but
It's not what they thinking not a party in the basement
It ain't on that station
See my words they be my agent
So when I be feeling like taking my skull straight to the pavement
I taste a millisecond of release man, ain't that amazing?
This shit is tough to repeat man, I got
Perspiration oscillating and it ain't in moderation
An infestation infiltrating operations
Distorted information sparking stimulation
I need a fucking vaccination or some god damn air for ventilation
Boy do you see what I'm saying?
I get so excited
I don’t know what to write I just wanna fight it
Run up at night right behind it
Put it in the trunk and ignite it
Car fire like a riot
Sike I'm in the backseat quiet
I was busy trying to survive it
While they yelling trying to get me to describe it
Took some bars to confide in
When I arrived I was right beside but now I fell behind them
So I disguise
Try to go outside and revive
Supply my lungs with air that their denied
Breathe in and turn my neck up to the sky

I'm just tryna be free..
Track Name: [ part II ] Forest Bars (prod. Monster Rally)
Grosser shit grosser shit

Ostracize the honor student
Monster music
Running high off the fluids
Future sewage
Y'all be stupid chasing cupid
Off the arrow I see lucid
Dreams skipping flings
I think of things
Only interested in those awards
Poster board / description of the chloroform
Hold my sword
I cant afford to record forest bars that don’t soar
Good lord is this what they looking for?
Poor report of everything she hoping for
Bizarre score 49 – 4
That’s a blowout
Tell them what you know 'bout
Not some show-out stick-your-brain-bone-out
Cut the chicks toes now
She looks like characters who zone out
Put their phones down
Music notes I wrote the chord sound
Denote hope in stone pounds
Profound toys for your boys
In their early years
Promulgate production of the fear now its clear
Man I see it through the icy glass
Read her while I'm rolling grass
Task after class pick apart unspoken facts
Memorize the total
Duct tape say Chernobyl
Feeling hopeful
Poems be focal for your proposal
She's social and I'm woeful
Vision cloudy as I blow ovals
Track Name: [ part III ] Mr. Less Antagonistic (prod. GRiMM Doza)
Hey look its Mr. Less Antagonistic
Cabbage for the village
Disappointing strange inscriptions
We whistle for ya
Turmoil the back bank oil sub-trust fund
Left probiotioc in cerebellum lung
Cock twitch from paramedic
Tamed by neglected
The carpet painted red
Forget what she said when she bled
Call the demon over
He sits quietly he takes orders
Formulating plot schemes
Molded mist twist chronic overload shit
Got a bone to pick
Chicken meat appetite bit
Boo scared it - ha
The monster to fright his size
Being on the totem scolded by enterprise
Alarmed but I ain't surprised
Folded armor leaves formaldehyde
Baby girl hide and go seek
Mysteries of placement
Don’t check in the basement
Honorary pledge of allegiance
Stand in the theatre in accordance
Pause again, margins filled all of them
With indiscript business,
I'm in the hall again
Frantic bout to fall again
Leaves changing
I can sense her brain cells rearranging
She making adjustments, busted judgments
I'm on to something
I can sense it
I didn’t let your friends in
Con-artist with the sentence
Broke thoughts with reverence
Reverse mission the planet landed on me
China dolls for porcelain
Probably gonna order in
Force em down fountains with glass meters torturing
Enormous men
Near sighted with files outdoor
And when the the nation get bored
Force toxic intramurals
Trigger finger hungry
Habitual hunting
Salty interaction walks away and knows to leave the meter running
Track Name: Stalling Interlude (prod. Blackburn Hughes)
silence prevails
where the bugs go
common sense
flees a dying breed
kitchen slipper
racing down the
staircase on your toe
tendons flexed
trying to absorb
gatorade & pudding
it’s a school night
by titles
need names for
the thing
we say
say titles
when we say
name things
resonance of emotion
tranquil bonus
luxury symptoms we
all see them in
pick pocket arrival
evolve not in
stages but
one piece
of many
more pieces
to progress
that are
not related
hold it
against atoms
photon shadow
essential demands
sequels of the odyssey and slaughterhouse
completed &
extensive copies
I recreate shape
eager when
I am tempted
it becomes
about me
and mine
not yours
it’s mine
ours but

crawl through
little windows
they are
stacked across
electronic tempo
automated chorus
melancholy singing
singing doesn’t
happen anymore
community expressionless
type them
in editions
roughly reaching
the red moon
dead (boy walking
how his
spirit stand
start material
pewter produce
ice to) posh
myelin sheath
beneath the
absences &
seats feeding
my paranoia
on my balcony
ruminating dreams
spherical cognition
the faucet
does not turn off
at my funeral
less scared if
I don’t wear glasses
at my funeral
genuine ignorance
at my funeral
you should
Track Name: [ part IIII ] Frozen (prod. Greaf)
Watch time move still but not for me like
Understand life at hand just enough to seem like

No show at dinner yet
I'm so slow on internet
Got a low glow on my silhouette
So I smoke blunts like cigarettes
My whole nose straight in her vest
Can't move my vans screwed
Bird food if they pecking at me
Bleeding out that question catch me
Don’t check the fact sheet
I text her fastly
Pen lies for black sheep

Watch time move still but not for me like (not for me)
Understand life at hand just enough to seem like

Learn from me
Put in work with some urgency
Counteract insurgencies
Accusing me of perjury
A nervous being
I lurk into circles deservedly
Absurdity when they claim that I'm rapping hyperboles
Deserve to be
Perfectly quoted
Silent but focused
I crave to be homeless
I'm flooded with locust
A biblical poet
The lowest of moments
This broken hypnosis

I'm frozen
I'm frozen (man I can't move)

Shooting like a Nikon
Nikes on
Sounding like my fight song
Lights on
Violent with the right arm
A knight not a pawn
No flight for the swan
Salute when I'm gone
You think but you wrong

Watch time move still but not for me like
Understand life at hand just enough to seem like