late bloomer (prod. brad)

from by Grosser



no overdose when the throat close
boatloads simple low groans
i bike home, nikes on
no lights on at the domicile
stay alone awhile
what they made me?
with shady creatures lately
face me see the shaking, always aching
place me back for safety
lately crazy options feel amazing
he chose a different payment
lose or pin the pages
want y’all just to listen like they did
sike like i did, with all eyes lit
all bright iris spies it
memorize nine lying giants
can’t describe tried it
over smiling mayans, hiding vibrant
i’m collecting every answer in private
metaphor a tiger
can threaten from behind ya
only shape shifter chilling in the back room
girlie taste the ash too, looking bad too
watching her groom the slash wounds
leave the bank b, booking for a stank piece
got the quap like thanks please
info not for public thanking
wrap it up quick, i dust it
you trust lies in public, that’s disgusting
come quick the spot scalding
heat involving makeshift wrong things
i’m with budda in his whip honking
everybody symptom to a long sting
head haunting, falling through i’m over critical
magical mystical color of imperial
for real steer clear if you hear me though
i’m screaming but they still don’t fear me though
swear by sweat stains that neck pain injecting my left brain
peak intuition detecting
one life a rumor if you measure it
fooled too schooled for rulers i be kinda clever bitch
ice salt dripped on your brain tumor
evade a cage ageless, i’m a late bloomer


from calm as things better not to tell, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Grosser New Orleans, Louisiana

metro boomin want some moar

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