hopefully you feel this. (prod. THBLKCHUCKNORRIS)

from by Grosser



bring it!
lifetime equation
endless decimals to repeating information
blast the sacred we ain’t agents
we just moving without causes
how can you explain me exposing the flaws in all of these laws of physics?
a shitty television could tell im hella wicked
separate lives i’m living, hot as hell where i’m sitting
lied to every single day just like a christian
brain fed false oxygen on top of him
veins pop constant with lots of pain stopping him
from thinking real things
force rocks and stain on top of him
broke like coconut milk
spilt on the front lawn of his dome
golden cues missed their zone
harass the neighbors when they’re home
no silence when he’s gone
he ain’t even bang on the drums though
it’s just some mic skills for fun though, it’s cut throat
dropping philo-contra-verse
cursed with sludge-drenched hazy weight
immersed in what the drain will say
spitting up cause he don’t like it either
pink ether, life fast motion in the theater
plunge my audience
offer hints or bullet calling altering
my sponsorship for walking without confidence
love of sadness
thinker, quiet, tragic, break bad habits with laced plastic
working slow addiction symptoms
sans substance, i shriek for nothing
next day exhausted
put fangs in a hostage
rope em up, tie em
make em repeat lies crying
take a second for attention
i knock wood for her presence
showing off the demon gift
some seams to grip, see her leaning with
she got a decent pic, that she leaving with
polish off the heathen tip
that he be hunting
that’s repercussion punishment for dangerous instruction shit
i stand and stare in silence
screams “i’m gonna let her feel it” in triumph
head is steady when i demonstrate that self-reflective violence


from calm as things better not to tell, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Grosser New Orleans, Louisiana

metro boomin want some moar

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