don't stop [bright bars] (prod. Rhakim Ali)

from by Grosser



don’t really know how the hell i should approach this
all these reader people overbearing in their culture
everything they doing it contribute to the slowness
throw your body in a sculpture, bend you back over
crack that papier-mâché rap, late with the straight hat
the brim is too subliminal
simple atypical syllables, non-stereotypical
check material, empirical visible
serial digital son, i’m being literal
heavy sinking in the swimming pool
individuals on the hunt for different criminals
but i ain’t either, escape past the bleachers
where the lawn be, brought a car key
i’m avoiding the alarming, now it’s fucking morning
so i’m stuck in bed
who the hell am i lying to?
something i decided to, private pools of undeniable color red
who the fuck is in my head?
i’ll spit real shit for mad minutes to prove it
can he pop off or will he always lose it?
who’s the one who choose this bloody confusion?
my box checked confucius, mess with their heads
walking out after free bread
me knees red they seem dead, peaking for scene head
directly to that green shed, that’s that lawn house we fawn bout, never all out
collect the sprouts in amounts that you scared of
my plan cus, live that life you read the flares of
artificial channels, studio chilling with my plus one blunt split and the guts gone
white owl and some substance self prescribed instructions
i’m in the grass, careful of a snake bit help take hits
can’t flex but it’s apparent, son we came from different parents
i’m in the incorrect edifice, proof is in the sentences, fake bliss be the nemesis
pencil in my benefits on present premises
message my vessel wreckages
questions is blemished with the weapon lesson of their own
son what your thought is? cautious? honest with your conscience?
not in a dream catcher, without stature
got a chapter of total rapture, can’t climb any faster
i’m after life post-superfluous, the worthlessness is hurting it
blood thinning like the curtain split
front row observing it
certainly burdened like no other person is
that’s pretty fucking haunting, oh his thoughts are daunting
tremor taunting, scream down when he drowns from inner function
out introduction, do you come here often?
every fucking night b, tell me what the sights be
can you imagine, anecdote might be pseudo-alladin
watching keys get teethed underneath the cabin
heavy dark ground surround me till i follow it
acknowledge drama risks while you undergo astonishment


from calm as things better not to tell, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Grosser New Orleans, Louisiana

metro boomin want some moar

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