brain think (prod. balanced breakfast x pico)

from by Grosser



hear the chants of a thousand men
flexing but i’m fearing them
keep the moon from sleeping
my whole life could barely breathe it in
face inside the concrete, flood my black balance
race to find the off beat, had so many talents
mama told me ‘fake it ‘fore you make it’ so i smoke my crop
had the chance to take it, lying naked, second guessed my thoughts
walking lost, robbie frost, coffin box, dosing off
watch me split that chain link
find out what my brain think

find out what my brain think
tell me what my, find out what my brain think
tell me what my, find out what my

locking up the stink, never blink, got the mismatch
no flash, got the pig’s badge on dispatch
dish that, running through the lane on speed blast
need that, never been the same since seed grass
cutting while i contemplate, hard to see and concentrate
doctor want to nominate, fuck that shit don’t compensate
caps with wack ingredients, pill popping over medians
bohemians, feeding deviants to gain obedience
boy be diagnosing as i’m coasting over oceans
read to learn it well, pack the scale then french inhale, never fails
flipping ‘em fun, whiter than some
jump for release like both my feet stung
one with the scum, screaming in tongues
needing some air, can’t breathe through my lungs
tell me relax, search for the facts
steal from the rich got the capital tax
head on an axe, slip through the cracks
edge of the cliff but i’m bringing it back

rip spit that cryptic, i’m fucking up the picnic
my biggest critic say my shit be way too rhythmic
i’m futuristic, can’t mimic, spitting mythic
specific and descriptive, my flow burns that shits acidic
a basic fix, check my wrist, swing and miss then fade to bliss
active with my tactics, i got fabric for a classic
sticking on the pearl, bumping earl, with my college girl
mind fucking full of the pastors
never heard so many bastards


from calm as things better not to tell, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Grosser New Orleans, Louisiana

metro boomin want some moar

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